Can you use the electricity produced by your Solar Panels at night?

Can you use the electricity produced by your Solar Panels at night?

In the daytime, your solar panels get busy absorbing rays while the sun is shining, generating electricity. But what happens once the sun sets? Can your solar panels still work during the night?

There are two resolutions to this question. 
1. Opting to electricity from the main grid, or,
2. Battery storage technology. 

Well start off by explaining how you can use electricity at night if youre still connected to the main grid. So, youve installed your panels, 
the sun has set but your appliances are still getting power in your 
home. How so?

Despite having panels that power your home during the day, your home is still connected to a main utility grid in the night. The main grid allows you to draw power from it, plus also allows you to deposit surplus power from your installed solar system.

Any additional power that your system generates in the day time, that does not get used, is sent back into the electricity grid that your neighbours would use too. Your utility company will pay you a set amount at wholesale prices for the energy that you “sell” back to them. This is called net metering/grid credit. You’re still able to use the energy sent back to the grid in the night time, should your system have not produced enough energy. 


For areas that do not have an efficient grid to rely on, or prefer to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint, battery storage is another option. Solar batteries have been around for a while with sky high costs, chunky equipment and difficulties in running and installing. Aside from people who actually needed them to survive off grid, they were a very expensive investment.

Fortunately, this has dramatically changed in recent years.

Technology improvements in battery systems, like safe LG Chem lithium-ion batteries, have made systems more affordable, potentially paying for themselves. Batteries work by storing the electricity generated in the day, and then used when needed at night. Should any electricity from your battery run out, you’ll still always automatically switch back to the main grid. 

It's easy to see why battery systems are becoming popular in homes around Australia. Not only do they provide greater independence from the massive energy corporations, but they decrease your bills, leaving you with extra cash to spend on yourself and your family.

LG Chem is undoubtedly recognized as the industry leaders in Lithium-ion batteries in Australia, when it comes to solar battery storage. 
 The LG Chem ESS is very safe system designed for residential storage. It is a compact unit with a safety reinforced separator, increasing the mechanical and thermal stability of battery cells. All products are fully certified in relevant global standards ensuring complete safety and longevity. 

This industry leading piece of technology charges during your off peak times, and discharges during peak times. It also acts as a power back up during times of a storm, blackout etc, meaning the fridge will still run and so will your other appliances.

In order to determine how much you could potentially save with a battery, your home will need an analysis on your current circumstances and energy usage. The upfront cost varies, but with financing options available, it’s more viable than ever to install. 

As qualified LG Chem Resu preferred Installers, we've undertaken advanced installation training to provide you with a premium level of service. This status means we can greatly provide a complete energy solution by offering various options, fit for your home condition and lifestyle, in accordance with our acquired professional skill set. Here at Inspire Energy, we specialise in battery installation across Sydney, Wollongong and wider New South Wales. We can tailor a solar battery solution for you. To receive a free solar quote, click here or call (02) 4623 2134.