Poultry Farms Turning Solar

Poultry Farms Turning Solar

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As operating costs increase in the poultry industry, major ramifications in cost efficiency have become present. 

Reports from Inghams Chickens in November last year indicate a complete plummet in share pricing, falling as low as $3.10. 

Chief market analyst Ric Spooner noted that "while Ingham's is a major player in a staple industry, this is a mature market and a stock that will be reliant on productivity gains and cost cutting to achieve growth targets”.

This notion is suggestive of futher cost cutting across the board of Ingham’s and numerous other live poultry farms.

"There's going to be cost cutting everywhere. Look it's a high cost, high tech industry," said Peter Bedwell owner of Poultry Digest. 

“As energy is a huge cost, renewable works really well because the huge shed roof space is good for solar panels. It will force people to grasp those opportunities sooner than people would have liked.”

Installation of a commercial solar power system in poultry farms will allow for substantial financial benefits and cost reductions in power bills. Which, when in consideration of circumstance such as Ingham's, may reap significant cost cuts.

The durability, weight, lifespan, and efficiency of Solar cell panels are improving swiftly. As these improvements continue to develop, the overall cost per watt of electricity produced is reduced - driving lower costs in the near future, as well as shortening the payback time of a system, making solar panels more achievable and affordable than ever before. 

Standalone systems using batteries or direct loads can also be used to power equipment, such as irrigation pumps, that are far from network connection points (NSW Farmers).

Additionally, the utilisation of solar energy to generate electricity presents a perpetual contribution to reducing carbon footprint. This establishes a positive perception of poultry farms by being environmentally conscious and reducing reliance on traditional non-renewable energy sources. 

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