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The Unsuspecting Winter Warmer & Energy Saver!

The Unsuspecting Winter Warmer & Energy Saver!

As Winter kicks in and the nights are colder than ever, it is easy to get carried away with excessive heating. Although it may seem like a luxury, electric blankets do more than keep you toasty and snug on a cold Winter's night - they consume little energy in comparison to traditional heating methods, resulting in easier affordance and just as much warmth.

Electric blankets disperse heat through built-in wires which consume minimal energy.  On average, they cost about four cents an hour, while some space heaters can cost a much higher rate. Electric blankets reduce the reliance on heating up a whole bedroom or large space, which can leave quite a negative footprint and lengthy bill. 

As electric blankets are efficient at distributing heat, you will not need them on for long periods of time. Generally, you will only ever have to leave one on 10-30 minutes before hopping into bed before turning off. The warmth is widespread, and due to trapped air under covers, you'll find that you'll stay very warm throughout the night. 

When purchasing an electric blanket, be sure to select an option that is most energy efficient and has an overheating function, for peace of mind. You will also want to select an option that has variable heat settings. Another element of electric blankets to look out for is an auto shutoff. This way, when you get up in the morning, it will automatically shut off in case you forget about it, so you are not wasting electricity to heat your bed when no one is in it.

Keeping energy and heating costs manageable can be problematic during the cooler months. By using an efficient electric blanket to warm up, you will save more on energy, plus a toasty nights sleep. Save money while you sleep - Win win!