Isabella NSW - Off Grid System

Isabella NSW - Off Grid System

This installation included:

  • Fronius IPS-400WM Inverter 
  • Opal Solar PV modules 295w mono QSA295M-60-S

  • Antai Solar PV framing system

The system at Isabella is in a mobile phone blackout area so there is no remote monitoring available, however, we installed an LCD user interface, so the customer can see the solar generation, battery bank state of charge and cottage electricity consumption. 

System brief:

The design brief was to create a system fit for a weekender building, that is used 2-3 consecutive days, once a month. A load profile was supplied and a 3 day autonomy was requested.

We have successfully met the design brief by designing and installed a reliable system that allows the customer to have the comforts that they expect living in the city, whilst being 2 hours from any major town, and 40kw from any grid electricity supply.

The customer is now able to have the comforts of a fridge, water pump for showers, running water, lights and TV whilst not having to rely on any ongoing electricity bills. They also have the benefit of remaining completely grid with total independence.