100 kW Commercial Solar Systems in Sydney

Inspire Energy boasts a team of structural engineers, electrical engineers, experienced project managers, and installation crews with a wealth of experience in completing large-scale solar installations in Sydney. This expertise ensures that you can have full confidence in Inspire Energy's ability to handle installations of this magnitude within the city.

Furthermore, commercial solar systems over 100 kW in Sydney are eligible for government rebates in the form of LGC's (Large Generation Certificates).

Throughout Sydney, Inspire Energy has successfully installed solar systems ranging from 1 kW in residential areas to 1 MW in commercial settings. Some notable installations include large organisations using flat-side systems, such as shopping centers and refrigeration factories in Sydney.


Primo Coffee- Longi panels with SMA inverters 400kw

S & R Cool Logistics Homebush – Trina Panels with SMA inverters 550kw


The Benefits of Large-Scale Commercial Solar Systems

Embracing large-scale commercial solar systems, such as the 100 kW solar system, in Sydney brings about a multitude of benefits for businesses and the environment alike. Firstly, it allows businesses to significantly reduce their operating costs by generating clean and renewable energy on-site.

With solar power offsetting a substantial portion of their electricity consumption, businesses can enjoy substantial savings on their energy bills over the system's lifetime. Additionally, installing large-scale solar systems positions businesses as environmentally responsible and sustainable leaders in their respective industries. By reducing their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels, they contribute to mitigating climate change and fostering a cleaner, greener future for Sydney. Moreover, in a time of increasing focus on corporate social responsibility, adopting large-scale solar demonstrates a commitment to eco-conscious practices, which can enhance a company's reputation and attract environmentally conscious customers and partners. Ultimately, with the right expertise and technology, large-scale commercial solar systems offer a win-win solution, benefiting both the bottom line and the planet.