Inspire Energy have installed hundreds of commercial solar systems all over NSW, QLD and ACT.

Commercial solar systems of 100 KW and under, still qualify for upfront solar rebates similar to residential, making them the most popular choice for small to medium business. A commercial solar system for most business can deliver a high return on investment especially if the business operates during mostly daylight hours when the solar system is working at its optimum performance.  

Inspire energy have structural and electrical engineers employed to ensure all our commercial installations will exceed all expectations and regulatory requirements.

A commercial solar system is not the same process as putting a 6.6kw system on a house so with inspire energy you can be assured we have the experience and personnel capable of delivering the highest quality commercial installations in the industry.

Inspire Energy have $0 deposit solar leasing finance packages available for businesses which can in most cases be a cash flow positive investment.


Waterco limited REC with sungrow 100kw installation

Brickfields Commercial Bakery- Aleo panels with SMA inverters 95kw installation