Supplying the Australian market with solar inverters since the turn of the millennium, Fronius was an early mover in Australian solar. Realising the long-term potential of solar in Australia a Solar Energy subsidiary was set up in Melbourne in 2010.
With such a presence including a local warehouse, technical support and a repair center, Fronius Australia successfully serves as a regional hub for Australia and New Zealand in terms of the distribution, service and support of our inverter range. Global experience combined with strong local support thus ensure premium quality and reliability.
In addition, as Fronius Service Partners, we share a passion for innovation, quality, service and sustainability. As Fronius Service Partners, we undergo rigorous hands-on training by Fronius, always have the correct replacement parts on-hand and are certified to replace parts without voiding the inverters' warranty. Furthermore, the combination of Fronius technology and Fronius Service Partnerss, we have proactive solutions, ensuring maximised system flexibility, system reliability and system optimisation (FRO).