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The Best Solar Deals in Sydney

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Everything you need to know about the best solar deals

Solar energy systems are something people choose to invest in for many different reasons. For some people it is about simply saving a bit on their energy bills. And for others, it's about adding value to their property.

If you want to accelerate the recovery of your purchase cost as rapidly as possible, you'll want to make sure that your goals can actually be met by the buyback rates available to you. Once your system has paid for itself through energy savings, whatever comes in after that is profit.

The first thing to know is that solar deals only become a realistic concern when you are thinking about getting new solar panels for your house & calculating the expected return on investment. It's not as difficult, expensive, or lifestyle-restricting as you may expect. The only thing you need to do is make sure you buy a system that has an adequate output rating in the first place, and make sure it is properly installed to achieve optimal efficiency.

Finding the right solar deal for you

When people who want to financially benefit from solar fail to do so in a significant way, it is usually because they buy a system that is not really big enough to even meet their existing needs, or they don't do the best job of selecting the system components.

Signing up with the wrong power company can also be a factor, but that can be corrected in the majority of cases. Replacing your hardware is much less simple in comparison, so it's best to get it correct from the start.

The best solar panel deals can vary widely between different power companies, but it's important to understand that the competitiveness can change over time. The rate is determined in part by company policy and in part by supply and demand.

You may find some providers are more generous with their offers during the winter months when supply is low and demand can be high. During summer, demand is high and supply is also comparatively high. Individual companies may also offer high buy back rates to attract customers and then switch to lower rates later on.

Rely on us to help you find the best solar power deals

Going solar should be simple, and at Inspire Energy we try to make everything as simple for our customers as possible, including the quest to sell their surplus energy. As your local experts in solar power systems and the solar industry in general, we're constantly monitoring all the relevant happenings in the industry. Having our finger on the pulse means we're always able to offer the best advice to customers who request it.

At the time of writing the worst deal among major providers in NSW was being offered by Qenergy at just $0.109, and the best deal was offered by Powershop at $0.128 per kW. Now you'll notice there's a very big difference between what they're willing to pay and what they charge. That's to be expected, but it also reflects that you'll need to collect a very large amount of surplus electricity if you intended to become a full time "solar farmer".

If you can manage to sell 1 MW in a month, you'll only make about $128 at the maximum available rate on offer at the time of writing. Also to do that will take about 114 typical solar panels, which is way beyond the budget of most people, even if they have the room to install them.

While solar energy is unlikely to make you rich on its own, unless you're converting enough of it to become an energy retailer, it definitely can improve your financial position (in terms of net disposable income) and increase your property value. If that sounds good to you, solar power is worth investigating. Contact Inspire Energy to find out more about the best solar deals.

The Best Solar Panel Deals You Can Find

If you are looking for the best solar deals, you’ll want to do your homework: there are lots of options out there and this is a relatively fresh industry. It’s important that you make the right choice to get the maximum value possible from your investment.

It can all get a little bit complicated, so you’ve got to trust the company that you work with. If you’re not sure about whether or not to make the leap, though, here’s a closer look at why you will want to find the best solar power deals and take the next step.

Finding the Best Solar Power Deals

Perhaps the main reason that home and business owners decide to invest in solar energy is to dramatically cut the costs of their energy bills. Solar energy is a brilliant and potent source of green energy – particularly in Australia where we enjoy a lot of sun.

This free energy source can help you to dramatically reduce your dependency on the national grid and slash your energy bills. Solar panels can sometimes seem expensive, but most owners find that those panels quickly pay for themselves over the long term. 

It’s a pleasure to save money on energy bills each month and you’ll be able to reinvest those savings into your home – or treat yourself!

We all know that energy costs are on the rise. This is an unfortunate truth and it also means that if you have a fluctuating cash flow, you might be caught out by an energy bill in one particular month. 

Solar panels and solar batteries in Sydney help you to lock in your electricity rate and really protect yourself against the dramatic increases that happen year-on-year. This means that you can really save money over the long run and have your solar panels work for you. 

Many analysts and experts suggest that the increase in energy costs is going to continue, so it’s a good idea to pursue alternative forms of energy to protect yourself against those potential fluctuations.

Talk To Us For The Best Solar Deals

It’s a fact that homes and properties with a solar system can command a higher price on the property market. These solar panel systems are incredibly attractive and prospective buyers understand the value that they will bring. 

If you are looking for a smart investment to make to boost the property of your home, you’ll want to think about solar panels in Sydney. Not only do these systems add value to your property, but you’ll also find that they dramatically increase the curb appeal. This can make it easier for you to sell your property in the future.

Solar energy is a key tool that we have in the fight against climate change. If you install your system you can reduce your dependency on carbon-based energy sources to help make the planet a healthier and greener place.

This means that purchasing a solar system is a very responsible investment from both an ethical and a financial perspective.