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Products We Use

At Inspire Energy, we prioritise our customers, quality of equipment and service provided. We have carefully selected several partners to work with to ensure the best work every time.



Solar Panel, Inverter & Solar Battery Brands | Commercial Solar NSW

Opal Solar

OPAL Solar is a premium Tier 1 product on the basis of the local support, independent quality control, independent factory acceptance testing and technical support in Australia. OPAL Solar is locally supported through Solar Juice Pty Ltd, the leading supplier of PV products in the Australian market. As a majority owned entity of Nasdaq listed Solar Power Inc. (NASDAQ:SPI) with a market capitalisation of ~ 1 Billion USD, you can be assured that it is a trusted brand that does not compromise on quality. The panels are produced by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified production facilities. Back to back warranty agreements are in place to provide peace of mind.



Solar Panel, Inverter & Solar Battery Brands | Commercial Solar NSW


As a leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology, SMA is setting the standards today for the decentralized and renewable energy supply of tomorrow. More than 3,000 SMA employees in 20 countries have devoted themselves to this task. Our innovative solutions for all photovoltaic applications and our unsurpassed service offer our customers worldwide greater independence in meeting their energy needs.

People living in industrialized countries are using intelligent SMA technology to transform their houses into smart homes. By integrating storage systems, the electricity generated from rooftop systems can be used in the evening as well. Industrial and commercial companies are installing PV systems, together with our highly efficient inverters, on their buildings to reduce operating costs by producing cost-efficient solar power.


Solar Panel, Inverter & Solar Battery Brands | Commercial Solar NSW


Supplying the Australian market with solar inverters since the turn of the millennium, Fronius was an early mover in Australian solar. Realising the long-term potential of solar in Australia a Solar Energy subsidiary was set up in Melbourne in 2010.
With such a presence including a local warehouse, technical support and a repair center, Fronius Australia successfully serves as a regional hub for Australia and New Zealand in terms of the distribution, service and support of our inverter range. Global experience combined with strong local support thus ensure premium quality and reliability.


Monitoring Features


Tigo Energy

Monitor the PV production of every panel individually with the Tigo Energy Smart Panels. Through the monitoring app you also have the added safety feature of being able to remotely shut down your panels. 



Solar Panel, Inverter & Solar Battery Brands | Commercial Solar NSW

SolaX Power

The SolaX PV monitoring system comes standard with all hybrid inverters. This monitoring system allows you to remotely monitor your PV production, your household energy usage and the power store within your battery if applicable.

Solar Panel, Inverter & Solar Battery Brands | Commercial Solar NSW