Solar Installers Newcastle



At Inspire Energy, we care about the environment and the future world we will live in. Solar panels have been proven to decrease your electricity bills both in your home and at your workplace as well as keeping the environment happy. Our team of CEC Accredited Installers have extensive training, experience and knowledge on how to fit solar panels which will exceed industry standards.

Solar energy is very easy to understand, but it’s not as simple as the sun turning into energy, however, that is the first step. When the sun shines on the panels, it generates DC (direct current) electricity. This is fed through a solar inverter which then converts it into more useful AC (alternating current) electricity, which is then used to power your home.

Our solar installers in Newcastle can fit a solar battery system so that any unused energy can be stored, or it can feed back into the grid. Many energy suppliers will give you a credit if your unused solar goes back into the grid, however, if you don’t have battery storage, you may run out where they are not creating energy overnight. This results in your energy supplier charging you for the use of the grid.