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Solar Power & Panels In Illawarra

Bargo, NSWA project expertly installed by our team of Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers & Smart Energy Council Master Installers.

The best place to buy solar panels in Illawarra

If you’ve been thinking about converting the power system in your home to solar energy, there is no better place to get help than Inspire Energy.

Our team of solar experts will help you make the right choices, and we have a fantastic range of the best solar panels on the market. We are extremely selective about the products we stock, which is your assurance of reliability and quality.

All our solar panels are tested for their superior performance and ability to stand up to Australian conditions. With the intense heat of an Australian summer and the bitter cold of a frosty morning in the dead of winter, you want to be sure your panels can handle these extremes. When you buy from us, there’s nothing to worry about, because all our panels are tough enough to go the distance. They’re also backed by iron-clad warranties, so when we say “No worries” that’s exactly what we mean.

We’ll give you great deals on solar in Illawarra

Solar power systems that include storage are the best choice because these give you some autonomy from mains power. In fact, if you go about things the right way, it’s possible to achieve full autonomy. That puts you in a better position because not only will you never receive another power bill, but you’ll also be in full control of your household’s electricity supply.

That means when there’s a blackout and the rest of the neighbourhood is sitting around in the dark, your home still has power. It also means you have a better chance of surviving through emergencies and disasters. Things that normally leave entire neighbourhoods without power for days or even weeks won’t affect your home’s power supply.

We will give you excellent deals on solar, and the best advice, too. Inspire Energy is the best source for solar when you want reliable solutions at genuine value prices.

The Best Solar Power Installation in Illawarra

One way we can all help to combat climate change is through finding renewable and better sources of energy. Over the years, solar power has improved and become more popular as a green solution to our energy needs.

At Inspire Energy, we offer the best solar power in Illawarra. With expert knowledge and experience, your solar system will be in good hands. 

It is becoming more and more evident of the need for sustainable energy sources that do not contribute to our carbon footprint. Having solar panels installed is an excellent way of using the Earth’s natural resource, the sun, to power your home or business.

Why choose to have solar power

There are many advantages to having solar, not least because of the substantial saving that you can make each year on your electricity bills. Solar panels receive energy from the sun, which is then converted into energy that can be used around the home. 

During the day, your electricity can be powered by your solar panels, avoiding expensive bills from your normal energy provider. While solar panels do not produce quite as much electricity when it is cloudy, they will still receive energy, so they can be used all year round, no matter what the weather is like. 

In some cases, you can also harvest some of the energy that your solar panels produce that are surplus to your requirements. You can either store this energy for use by you at another time or send it back to the grid and receive credit from your energy company.

At Inspire Energy, we have been recognised for our dedication for going above and beyond the minimum requirements that have been set out by the government. We are Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers and Smart Energy Council Accredited Master Installers, which are voluntary schemes that demonstrate our commitment to providing you with quality parts and installation.

Due to our partnership agreements and commitment to doing the best possible job, our solar systems all come with a minimum of a five-year workmanship warranty, giving you added peace of mind should anything go wrong. However, with no moving parts and quality assured, you can happily expect your solar panels to have a long lifespan. 

We provide you with a bespoke service and solution, and we are there to teach you everything you need to know about your new solar system. Furthermore, if you have any further queries later down the line, our friendly customer service team are based right here in Australia, ready to help.

With some great incentives being offered by the government for solar installation, there is no better time to go green and have solar installed. For bigger projects, we also offer lease agreements or purchase agreements. Call us today to find out if this is an option for you.

Make a plan to get solar panels in Illawarra today

If you are looking for solar panels in Illawarra, choose Inspire Energy and begin to reap the benefits from your installation. You will be doing your part to fight climate change with the added bonus of seeing your monthly bills reduced.

Make the investment today and future proof your home.

We are your local experts on solar power in Illawarra

Energy is our business, and we’ve built a solid reputation for providing the best deals on all kinds of solar products and the best deals on installation as well. We don’t cut any corners, and the result is great value and infallible reliability.

We support our customers for the lifetime of their products, and we’ll honour our warranty promises all the way. You never need to worry that your warranty doesn’t have you covered. As long as any damage to your solar products is not wilful damage, we will fix or repair any components that fail.

We deal only with merchants that offer flawless warranties with no sneaky clauses tucked away in the terms and conditions. If you want the best, come and get it from Inspire Energy.

Our company is fully accredited by both the Clean Energy Council and the Smart Energy Council. We are Master Installers, and that means we can install all kinds of solar power systems and we install our systems optimally.

For great service and great value, you can’t beat Inspire Energy.

Inspire Energy installs solar panels & power systems for residential, commercial & agricultural buildings in NSW. We offer a variety of services that our trainedsolar electricians will install for you. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

What To Consider Before Getting Solar Panels in Illawarra

Before getting solar panels in Illawarra, it is important to understand how the process will work and what new methods you can implement to maximise your system. At Inspire Energy, our team have years of knowledge and experience in this industry and can help provide the right advice to make this process as easy as possible for you.  

Carry on reading to find out more about what you need to consider before getting solar power installation in Illawarra. 

Plan Before You Get Solar Power In Illawarra

There are many things that you need to consider before getting solar power in Illawarra. These include; 

  • How Do You Connect To The Grid? - Before getting solar power, you need to understand how it will connect to the grid. This will vary depending on your location but it may involve having to pay fees. There may also be a waiting process to get connected and you also need to consider how and when you will be credited for any extra electricity that you generate and send to the grid. These are things that our team can help you with and can provide the best advice to suit your individual situation.  
  • Is Your Home Suitable? - While you may have your mind made up to get solar panels, your roof may not be suitable for installation. If your roof is going to need big repairs in the upcoming years, then it is best to get your new roof first and then invest in solar panels. What’s more, it could simply be the positioning of your roof that makes it unsuitable for solar panels as some roofs will not catch as much sunlight as others, so solar panels would not be a good investment for you in this instance.

    If you’d like to see if your property is suitable, we’d be happy to help you. Just get in touch with our team today and tell us more about your home.  
  • Hire A Trustworthy Installer - Finally, one of the most important aspects to consider when getting solar panels is to choose a trustworthy solar electrician. Solar panels require a lot of electrical work so you need to choose a company with many years of industry experience, and who are CEC accredited.

    Inspire Energy is the right company to trust for your solar panel installation and we will provide you with a five year warranty so, if there are any issues, you can always call us. 

Talk To Us For Solar Power Installation In Illawarra 

We understand that solar panels installation in Illawarra is an expensive undertaking and you will want to know exactly what our company can do for you before hiring our team. 

Our friendly and helpful team will be delighted to talk you through any queries that you may have so get in touch with us today. We are available by phone, email or call in to see us in our head office.