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Solar Power Penrith

Bargo, NSWA project expertly installed by our team of Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers & Smart Energy Council Master Installers.

We're inspired about solar power in Penrith

Living in Penrith, you've probably noticed the cost of your mains energy keeps going up and up. Energy companies in Australia charge among the highest prices for electricity in the entire world. You also have probably heard that most mains energy generation, including the system used to power Penrith's grid, uses fuels that are in limited supply and cause serious pollution problems.

Burning the fuel, of course, is damaging to the environment, but that is not the only problem. Harvesting the fuel also requires digging into the Earth, and this too is unsustainable in the long term. When the fuel runs out – and it will – how will those who depend entirely on mains energy manage?

The government is aware of the problems with mains energy and the benefits to consumers and the environment from conversion to solar energy, which is why the government offers rebates (like the STC Government Rebate) that have been available for many years to encourage people to make the switch.

Inspire Energy is one of Australia's most successful solar energy pioneers, and we're very passionate about helping people learn about the advantages of solar power in Penrith. If you'd like to know more, simply contact us and we'll be happy to provide any information you need, plus we can answer all your questions.

Bringing you the best deals on solar panels in Penrith

As a major agriculture solar installer in NSW, our high trade volume and excellent reputation have allowed us to build valuable alliances with many of the best manufacturers in the industry. In turn this means we can pass on significant savings and fantastic warranty cover to our customers.

Buying your solar power systems in Penrith from Inspire Energy means getting top value and product assurances you can rely on. You may find cheap deals elsewhere, but you should be cautious of them. If the purchase price is too low, there is a high chance the panels will be of inferior quality and will end up costing you much more in the years ahead.

The reason is because when it comes to solar panels, quality is everything. Manufacturing quality solar panels does cost money, but the gains are worth it. Properly made solar panels will have better efficiency, better reliability, and less problems such as energy leaks or thermal overload.

We are dedicated not only to helping you switch to solar as easily as possible, but also to making sure you get the right products to meet your needs and the best deal on those products. This is why Inspire Energy are the best in the business.

The case for solar power systems in Penrith

Penrith could be considered an ideal location for solar because of the abundance of sunny weather for much of the year. Contrary to what many people expect, heat is not a requirement for solar energy. What does matter is the total quantity of sunlight that an area receives throughout the year.

Installing solar power on your property can save you money, make you less dependent on the grid, and give you access to power in emergencies when many other homes may not have power.

Local knowledge is also an important factor. Penrith is situated in a flood plain that experiences occasional periods of severe flooding. Installing the components of your system needs to take this into account for a safe and effective installation.

We also have many years of experience in performing all kinds of solar installations, so you are in good hands with us.

Get motivated about solar power in Penrith

If you have been considering switching to solar, there's no better time than right now to get started. Inspire Energy are the experts in solar power in Penrith for both home and business applications, and we have everything you need to get solar connected on your Penrith property right away.

The Benefits of Installing Solar Power Systems in Penrith

  • There are many good reasons to consider switching over to solar. The most obvious one is that you'll save money compared to whatever you are paying for electricity now. That is the case, even taking into account the purchase cost of all the solar panels and other components.
  • Many people put off the possibility of converting to solar because they're worried about those high up-front costs and they're not sure if they can afford it. Let's be clear, however, that not only can you afford it, you will be much better off with solar.

    All it takes is a clever financing strategy and taking full advantage of the government incentives available for making the switch. We'll be happy to show you exactly how it's done, and you'll be amazed at how much more easy it is than you probably expected.

    Actually, that matter of solar buy back rates in NSW is another reason why it's better to act sooner rather than later. The incentives available are going to be reduced every year between now and 2030, which means those who get in early will enjoy more savings than those who wait.
  • Apart from the financial advantages, there are also the environmental considerations. By now everyone should be aware of the importance of environmental responsibility. The signs of climate change are so strong now they can't be ignored, and it's clear action needs to be taken to reverse the damage.

    With more people adapting to solar energy every day, the signs are encouraging, but there is still much more to be done. We hope you will join the growing tide of people making the decision to switch to solar, because it's good for you and good for the environment, too.

Bringing you the best deals on solar panels in Penrith

We are one of the biggest dealers in solar power systems in Penrith, and we have established an excellent service record over many years. This has enabled us to create valuable alliances with leading solar manufacturers, so we can bring you better deals on top quality products. We are also CEC accredited installers, which means we can properly set up solar power systems that apply for government rebates.

Buying your solar power systems from Inspire Energy means you'll save money and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having rock solid warranty conditions in place. Our insistence on using only quality components also means you'll know you have a reliable system that is rated for efficiency and durability.