Ground Mount Systems

The most common way to install solar panels are on the rooftop, but they can also be installed in various other ways and locations.

A ground mount solar system is when panels are installed and mounted on a frame in a paddock or field. These installations generally take place when there is insufficient roof space or no viable location for the panels to be installed to get the required sunlight. Traditionally these arrangements where mainly used for off grid rural locations or utility scale solar farms however this installation method is becoming more and more popular for residential and commercial applications.

Inspire Energy uses an engineered framing system from Clenergy Australia for ground mount solar installations.

Inspire Energy have been installing ground mount solar structures since 2008.

We can install ground mount solar systems anywhere from 2kw to megawatt size systems.

A geotechnical study on the soil is generally completed and our structural engineers determine the wind loading requirements in consultation with the manufacture to ensure the system design is fit for purpose and complies with all relevant standards.


Orangeville 30kw Installation - with Solar Edge panels and 4 x Tesla Powerwall2 Batteries

Grenfell Stud Farm 15kw Installation - with Trina Solar panels and an SMA Inverter

Ellis Lane 30kw Installation - with REC Alpha Panels and an SMA Inverter