Solar Storage Battery Solutions

The Power of Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are revolutionising the renewable energy landscape, offering a game-changing solution for storing excess solar power. By efficiently capturing and storing energy during peak production hours, solar batteries ensure a seamless power supply even during cloudy or night time conditions.

This sustainable technology not only maximises self-consumption but also reduces reliance on the grid, leading to significant cost savings over time. With increasing environmental concerns, solar batteries pave the way for a greener and cleaner future, allowing homeowners and businesses to embrace energy independence and reduce their carbon footprint.

Unlock the potential of solar batteries and take a step towards a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.

Our Solar Storage Battery Range

Significant Electricity Savings

Investing in a solar battery system is a smart investment that can lead to substantial savings on your electricity bills, surpassing the benefits of installing solar alone. Instead of exporting surplus solar energy to the grid for a modest feed-in tariff, a solar battery stores this excess electricity.

This stored energy becomes valuable during the evening when your solar PV system isn’t actively generating power, reducing your reliance on purchasing electricity from the grid at full price. This results in notable savings on your overall electricity costs.

By choosing a solar battery system, you’re not only enhancing your energy independence but also making a financially savvy decision that pays off in the long run.

State of the Art Technology

Incorporating a battery bank into your home positions you to leverage future regulatory changes that will enable the trading of rooftop solar-generated electricity among households, small businesses, and community groups. By investing in a battery, you gain the ability to store surplus solar electricity.

This not only allows you to utilise the stored energy for your own needs but also opens up the possibility of selling excess power to neighbours at rates higher than the standard feed-in tariff. This innovative approach effectively bypasses traditional energy retailers, offering a more direct and potentially lucrative way for you to contribute to and benefit from your local energy community.

Mitigating Power Intermittency Caused by Solar PV

While solar PV systems produce electricity steadily and predictably throughout the day when the sun is shining, if there is cloud cover or any sort of climate disruption, solar electricity output for an entire region can fluctuate unpredictably, requiring other generation plants (typically coal and gas) to be brought quickly online to meet demands.

This can cause a lot of stress and strain for the grid. Common adoption of home battery storage systems would mitigate the impact of this problem, using the stored electricity of their own batteries, rather than the grid, to make up for any power shortages. Widespread uptake of batteries could also help to manage unintended voltage level fluctuations, helping current grid infrastructure have a longer life.

Energy Independence

Incorporating a battery system at your home or business reduces the necessity to purchase energy from the grid. This reduced dependence on the grid and major energy retailers enhances your energy independence.

Additionally, in certain instances, your home battery storage system can be configured to offer backup power, ensuring that you always have electricity available, irrespective of grid conditions.

This feature adds convenience and flexibility to your energy usage, providing a reliable source of power whenever needed.