Off Grid Systems

Quality off grid systems

An off grid solar system, relies completely on the sun and energy stored in batteries, to fully power your property. Off grid solar systems are power systems that we install, with a combination of battery storage solar PV and generators when there is no grid available.

These can also be stored for emergency power supply of the homes without access to the public network.

Inspire Energy uses various types of systems like the Red Earth Energy Systems. We have systems ranging from 3KVA to 500KVA.

Why quality is important

Designing a standalone solar power system that perfectly fits your needs is essential. At Inspire Energy, we focus on both the overall design and selecting reliable products to ensure your system becomes a steadfast power source.

We understand the importance of having a reliable power supply, and our goal is to provide you with a straightforward and reliable solution tailored precisely to your requirements.

With our commitment to efficiency and quality, Inspire Energy ensures your standalone system delivers the reliable power you need. Choose us for a simple, dependable, and customised power solution designed just for you.

Maintaining your off grid system

Maintaining stand-alone systems is essential, but with a monitoring device, you can easily track its performance and detect when attention is needed. It’s recommended to have a solar professional inspect your system annually.

We recommend scheduling a yearly general clean and inspection, or more frequent checks if preferred (especially advisable for those in dusty or high pollution areas). This ensures your solar system continues to operate at its best.

Following the inspection, we provide a comprehensive report on your system and our findings, advising on any issues that may need attention.

Repair and Maintenance