Solar Racking

Quality Solar Racking

Solar racking serves as the structural foundation that secures solar panels on a roof or other surfaces. It must withstand harsh weather conditions like high winds and snow loads, ensuring long-term durability throughout the typical 25-30 year lifespan of a solar panel system.

Beyond safety, durability, and performance, premium solar racking can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of a home. Contemporary and sleek racking systems have the potential to complement any home design, potentially increasing property value. Invest in high-quality solar racking for a seamless blend of functionality and visual appeal in your solar energy system.

At the forefront of the solar racking industry, Clenergy International, an Australian-founded enterprise, specialises in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of top-tier renewable energy products. Their comprehensive range includes high-quality PV-mounting solutions tailored for residential, commercial, and utility-scale customers.

Clenergy’s commitment to excellence spans diverse segments of the renewable energy market, positioning them as a leading player in the industry. Choose Clenergy for innovative and reliable solutions that reflect a dedication to advancing renewable energy across various sectors.

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Antaisolar is one the largest photovoltaic mounting systems provider in China. Since 2006, Antaisolar has been specialising in providing solutions for installing solar photovoltaic systems. Antaisolar develop and produce solid mounting systems easily fitted to all types of roof and ground system.

Antai integrates various resources to successfully carry out major businesses: solar mounting system, solar plant service, aluminium formwork system and other aluminium profiles.

Antai has become the most competitive supplier of diversifying aluminium profile application solutions and the most trusted partner to the clients at home and abroad. Antai, with nearly 1000 employees and 100 designers and engineers, owns two subsidiaries, that is Xiamen Antai New Energy Tech. Co. Ltd (Antaisolar) and Fujian Zhangzhou Antai Aluminium Co., Ltd.

Antai will actively build a global brand large enterprise with international influence.

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For the past few decades, Schletter is to improving durability, safety, sustainability, and especially the quality of their solar mounting systems. Schletter’s quality control process is painstaking, meticulous, and uncompromising, and they use only the highest-quality steel and aluminum.

Specifically designed to combat inclement weather on any terrain, our mounting structures can withstand the harshest conditions – storm-strength winds, torrential rain, excessive snow loads, sandstorms, or even earthquakes – for 25 years or more.

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