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Solar System Health Check

Inspire Energy provides a highly recommended routine health check for solar systems in Sydney and its surrounding regions.

Our recommended Health Check, conducted regularly, involves a comprehensive inspection covering all aspects, from panel stability to the thorough removal of debris underneath. We meticulously address cable damage, fine-tune your system’s performance, and compare its power output to ideal standards.

The process includes rigorous cable testing, secure mounting frame inspections, and a vitality review for your inverter. We go a step further by optimising safety switches and ensuring that your signage complies with the latest Australian Standards & Regulations.

All of these tasks are performed with precision by our CEC-accredited electrician, assuring you that your solar journey with Inspire Energy continues reliably on the path to lasting savings. Experience the excellence of our service as we keep your solar power system finely tuned and operating at peak efficiency.

Full System Health Check

Solar panel cleaning and maintenance check
  • Comprehensive solar panel system inspection, including cleaning and debris removal.
  • Evaluate power output against ideal levels.
  • Check cables and mounting frame security.
  • Review inverter performance and safety switches.
  • Verify compliance with regulations, conducted by a CEC-accredited electrician.
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We offer our Solar Panel clean and maintenance service as a one-time service or you may opt for our annual health check program.

*Quoted price includes up to a 10-panel solar panel system on a single-story house within a 50 km drive from Gregory Hills, NSW. Add $30 for a double-story house. For larger systems or commercial installations, please contact us for an estimate.

System Maintenance

Maximise the efficiency of your solar panels and inverters by addressing potential performance issues. Factors such as dirt accumulation, debris blockage, faulty wiring, unnoticed shutdowns, and general wear and tear can impact the overall function of your system.

Regardless of the cause, underperforming solar panels mean missed benefits for homeowners and business owners alike. The solution is straightforward: schedule annual solar panel check-ups for optimal performance, enabling swift action and maintenance. These check-ups not only include minor cleaning but also proactively identify and address potential issues early on.

By carrying out yearly solar panel check-ups into your routine, you guarantee the maximum value for your investment.

Contact Inspire Energy today to secure this essential service and ensure your solar system operates at its peak efficiency.

Solar System Repairs

If you’ve experienced a surge in energy bills or encountered problems with your solar system, it may be the right time to consider solar inverter repairs. Trust Inspire Energy to address your concerns.

Our team of inverter repair specialists services Macarthur and its surrounding areas, swiftly identifying and resolving faults to ensure the seamless operation of your solar system. Recognising the crucial role of the solar inverter, we expertly repair or replace it as needed.

Regardless of where you initially purchased your solar system, Inspire Energy stands out for providing top-quality inverter repairs.

For unmatched solar inverter repair services in Macarthur, reach out to Inspire Energy today. Secure the expertise you need to keep your solar system functioning optimally.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your solar panels is crucial to maximise their efficiency and get the most out of your investment. Dirt, dust, bird droppings, and even leaves can block sunlight from reaching the cells. Just like a dirty window reduces the amount of light that enters your home, grime on your solar panels hinders their ability to convert sunlight into energy. Studies show that dirty panels can lose up to 20% of their output, significantly impacting your energy savings.

Beyond maximising efficiency, regular cleaning can also extend the lifespan of your solar panels. Dust and debris can trap heat and cause the panels to overheat, potentially leading to cracks or other damage. By removing these contaminants, you’ll help your panels stay cooler and operate optimally for years to come. Clean panels not only generate more power and save you money on electricity bills, but they also ensure your investment continues to pay off for the long term.

Solar System Upgrade

If your energy demands have escalated due to a growing family, new electric cars, a shift to electric appliances, or increasing electricity costs, our assistance is just a click away.

Our specialists conduct a comprehensive audit of your current solar system, determining the most efficient upgrade solution. This could encompass the addition of more solar panels, the introduction of a Solar Battery Storage system, and the integration of an EV charging solution to optimise solar energy utilisation.

Our commitment is to assist you in meeting your evolving energy needs efficiently and sustainably. Reach out to us for a tailored solar system upgrade plan that aligns with your unique requirements.


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Why is my energy production lower than expected?

Possible causes could include shading, dirt on the panels, or issues with the inverter.

What should I do if my solar panels are covered in dirt or bird droppings?

Regular cleaning is recommended to maintain efficiency. You can use water and a soft brush or hire a professional for cleaning.

Why is my inverter displaying an error code?

Inverter error codes could indicate various issues, and it’s important to contact a professional for diagnosis and repair.

Why is my solar system not producing power during a sunny day?

Issues like electrical faults, inverter problems, or a tripped circuit breaker could be the cause.

Can I expand my existing solar system with more panels?

In many cases, you can expand your solar system, but it’s important to consult with your installer to ensure compatibility.

How do I monitor the performance of my solar system?

Many solar systems come with monitoring systems, but you can also install third-party monitoring solutions.