Power Optimisers

Size doesn't always matter

Power optimisers play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and performance of solar installations. These innovative devices optimise the energy output of each solar panel by constantly adjusting the voltage and current, ensuring that the system operates at its maximum potential.

One notable advantage of power optimisers is their ability to mitigate the impact of shading and mismatch issues, allowing solar arrays to generate more electricity even in less-than-ideal conditions. By maximising energy harvest on a per-panel basis, power optimisers contribute to increased overall system yield.

Additionally, they enhance system safety by reducing the risk of overheating and fire hazards. Embracing power optimisers in your solar installation not only improves energy production but also enhances the long-term reliability and resilience of your solar power system.

Explore the benefits of power optimisers to optimise your solar investment and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

Tigo Power Optimisers stand out as an exceptional choice for enhancing solar installations due to their advanced features and performance benefits. These optimizers excel in maximising energy production by mitigating the impact of shading, module mismatch, and other inefficiencies that can plague traditional solar arrays.

Tigo’s innovative technology allows for individual panel monitoring and optimisation, ensuring that each module operates at its peak efficiency. This not only leads to increased overall system yield but also improves the system’s resilience to challenging environmental conditions.

With Tigo Power Optimisers, users can remotely monitor and manage their solar systems, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. The reliability and efficiency offered by Tigo’s solutions make them a smart investment for those looking to optimise the performance and longevity of their solar power installations.

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The groundbreaking innovation of SolarEdge lies in the invention of the power optimiser, a technology that has transformed the landscape of power harvesting and management within solar systems.

A SolarEdge system comprises power optimisers, inverters, and a comprehensive monitoring platform. Notably, SolarEdge has expanded its product portfolio to encompass solar panels, batteries, e-mobility solutions, critical power systems, and automation machinery.

This strategic diversification positions SolarEdge as one of the largest and most versatile solar technology companies globally.

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Our Quality Residential Home Solar Packages


From $4,997
  • 15 x Risen 440W
  • 1 x 5kW Sungrow inverter
  • Available on finance from $26p/w
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From $6,500
  • 15 x REC Alpha 420W
  • 1 x 5kW SMA inverter
  • Available on finance from $35p/w
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Ideal for large families
  • 30 x Risen 440W
  • 1 x Fronius inverter
  • Available on finance
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