Heat Pump Pool Heating

Swim just the way you like

At Inspire Energy, we exclusively utilise high-performance heat pump pool heaters renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency and heightened power, especially in colder months, effectively prolonging your swimming season.

If you’re contemplating integrating your pool heating with a solar system, reach out to us at Inspire Energy, as these installations can be seamlessly done together. Our expertise ensures a cohesive and efficient combination of technologies, optimising your pool heating system for maximum effectiveness and sustainability.

Connect with Inspire Energy for a tailored solution that harmoniously integrates heat pump pool heaters and solar systems, offering you an extended and energy-efficient swimming season.

Madimack pool heat pump

Madimack’s line-up of products aims to transform your world by redefining your experience. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovation, and enhanced user features, they take pride in delivering state-of-the-art solutions that surpass expectations.

Envisioning a future where technology harmonises seamlessly with the environment, Madimack places sustainability at the heart of their endeavours.

Each Madimack product is meticulously crafted to minimise its ecological footprint, reflecting its dedication to creating a more environmentally conscious and responsible future.

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Saltmate Australia

Choose Saltmate for your pool chlorination needs and experience the pinnacle of user-friendly control. Our chlorinators boast an intuitive interface, providing effortless management of pool filtration and sanitisation. With a convenient set-and-forget feature, you can program multiple running periods, controlling both the chlorinator and pool filter pump.

Saltmate stands out with premium components, utilising top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology. The self-cleaning models feature a full reverse polarity electrolytic cell, eliminating the need for manual cell cleaning. Suitable for new and existing pools, Saltmate chlorinators are compatible with mineral salt blends, offering flexibility in installation.

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