Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics utilises The Solar Smart Monitor, which makes it easy to get on top of your solar power system. This means big savings and protection of your investment.

With up to 51.8% of solar panels not performing at any point in time, you need to know exactly when there is an issue. The Solar Smart Monitor is the only way that you can get live data for your solar energy system - the Dashboard data is updated every five seconds and displayed in real time.
Solar Analytics is constantly watching over your system to provide insights and updates to the Dashboard. Connect to the My Solar Dashboard on any device, anytime to best manage your solar, battery and energy. With automated alerts and notifications, Solar Analytics will let you know when something needs attention, even if you aren’t watching.
Any faults, failures or underperformance are detected and diagnosed almost instantly! You can save hundreds of dollars by catching issues as soon as they crop up - no more waiting for your bill to arrive to realise there is a problem.
On top of fault notifications, you can finally get the most up-to-date information on your solar energy system, anytime, anywhere. See your energy consumption as it happens and catch huge spikes. You can also see the impact of weather, shading, faults, and breakages on your solar performance, so you can improve your system's efficiency.
Check out this video which explains The Solar Analytics Dashboard
Solar Analytics can also assist with the best electricity plan so you can save which their Plan Optimiser tool.