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Commercial Solar Power Installations is a specialty field at Inspire Energy. Our team of Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers provide tailored solutions to deliver an impeccable ROI. We have installed for cafe’s, dry cleaners, offices, shopping centres, factories and more all over NSW. 

The Benefits

Why invest in Solar for your business?

Reduce your business' energy and operating costs with a greener alternative. A commercial solar PV system will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your commercial property as well as greatly reducing your reliance on traditional electricity suppliers. Electricity prices have hugely increased over the years, resulting in growing operational costs for businesses. In contrast, the cost of solar PV systems have dropped, making solar an increasingly affordable and appealing option for cutting expenses. 

Moreover, installing solar PV panels will also boost your business' environmental moral. You'll receive substantial green credentials, which will appeal to the growing figure of environmentally conscious Australian consumers. 

How will the business save?

Solar PV power is generated during sunlight hours and used directly in the business, to offset the business electricity consumption.

How do I know if my business is the right fit?

Commercial solar PV systems can offset up to 75% of your electricity consumption. Any business that uses more than 30kw hours during daylight hours should consider a solar PV system for its financial benefit and reduction of environmental impact. 

The cost?

The cost of a system depends on numerous variables, including:

  • the size of the system
  • the type/brand of solar panels being installed
  • any particular shading that may affect the panels or more complex/difficult installations
  • any funding that is available to your location or industry

Here at Inspire Energy, we can provide you with a through proposal that details all of these variables, so that you have peace of mind that you're receiving the best price and potential ROI. 

In addition, there are still government incentives for installing solar PV in NSW and ACT. 

Finance solutions can also be tailored so that the repayments on your system will be lower than the savings on the electricity bills, meaning you will be in front from the day your system is commissioned. 

Inspire Energy is partnered with some of the most reputable manufacturers available in the Australian market, giving you peace of mind that your system will outperform any other system on the market. 

Commercial Solar Power & Batteries for Business | Sydney | NSW Wide

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