Project details

Company: Leaping Learners Childcare Centre – Leumeah

Location: Leumeah

Completed: August 2018

System Size: 21kw

Contract Price: $20,500

Panels: 64 x Opal 330w Panels

Inverter: Fronius Symo Inverter


Annual PV Production: 27,216 kwh

Projected ROI: 2.64 years

Potential Savings: $7,620.00 (over 60% of the current electricity bill)

CO2 Reduction: 76 trees saved per year

Leaping Learners is a proudly Teacher owned and operated child care centre. Leaping Learners Early Education Child Care Centre was established in June 2007 by Taneka Smith and Amanda Whitmore, two local University Trained Early Childhood Teachers. After many years of experience working in the local child care industry and with a shared passion for teaching, these two preschool teachers have joined forces to achieve their dream of owning their own child care centres. Inspire Energy was called to install a 21kw Solar System with over 60 panels to help reduce the cost of the electricity bills.