Project details

Company: Raygal Landscape and Nursery Supplies in Cranebrook 

Location: Cranebrook

Completed: August 2018 

System Size: 30kw 

Contract Price: $18,236

Panels: 105 x Opal Solar 295w 

Inverter: Fronius Eco 27kw 


Annual PV Production: 38,880 kwh

Projected ROI: 3 years

Potential Savings: $10,886

CO2 Reduction: 110 trees saved per year

Raygal Landscape and Nursery Supplies is a family owned local business in Cranebrook, located 5 minutes from Penrith. They have a great range of sands, soils, mulches, pebbles, quarry products, plants, firewood and much more. They can help with all your landscaping, building and renovation needs. They have a large range of decking, construction timber, H4 treated pine including sleepers, logs, slabs and garden edging. Inspire Energy installed a 30kw system to dramatically reduce the electricity bills, with over 100 Opal Solar Panels and a Fronius Inverter.