Inspire Energy first started battery storage in 2012 in the off grid space and have moved our expertise into grid interactive hybrid solutions that are becoming more and more popular in the market today ensuring that your solar battery solution is designed and installed by personnel who are experienced in the technology and not experimenting and learning the ropes on your property.

The first and most obvious question people ask about solar power for their property is; “how will I get power at night?” While in the past you needed to get your night-time power from the grid, you can now use home battery storage for solar to retain the energy your panels created throughout the day and dispatch that energy into the home when the sun goes down.

By using one of our home solar battery systems you make your panels more efficient as 100% of the power they generate throughout the day is being used by your home rather than being exported into the electrical grid. This means you will be getting the full energy benefit out of your commercial or residential solar power system.

At Inspire Energy, we have strived to provide the best home solar battery prices available, Offering a range of tried and tested products. 

Our current portfolio of battery offerings include

Sungrow, LG Chem, Alpha ESS and Tesla Powerwall 2.