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Solar Power Panels & Systems in Macarthur NSW

Bargo, NSWA project expertly installed by our team of Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailers & Smart Energy Council Master Installers.

We're inspired about solar power in Macarthur NSW

Far to the south west of the Sydney CBD, Macarthur is a beautiful region that is also blessed by abundant sunlight, which is very good news if you're considering making the switch to solar.

Inspire Energy is one of the biggest names in solar power in Australia, and we are ready to help you get started. Dealing with us means you are getting assistance from genuine experts in solar energy. Our experience and knowledge means we can show you how to get into solar power systems in Macarthur, NSW in the best way, so you are saving more money and experiencing more benefits from the system you buy.

The benefits of installing power systems in Macarthur NSW

Cost Effectiveness

If you are tired of opening the electricity bill every month to see shocking figures, you're not alone. Thousands of people in the Macarthur region have already had enough of it, and have decided to convert the power supply for their homes and businesses to solar energy.

Electricity prices in Australia are simply staggering. Among the highest electricity costs in the world, and definitely the most expensive when compared to median income levels. The crisis in the industry became so bad that the ACCC recently had to step in and impose very strict rules for pricing and advertising in the retail electricity market, and their 2018 investigation into the industry declared the situation to be "unacceptable and unsustainable" (p4, par 1).

Solar power in Macarthur NSW holds the promise of helping you get free from the cycle of high energy costs and ever-increasing prices with battery ready solar. It also allows you more independence, as you'll be in control of your own energy supply. That means if the neighbourhood around you is in the midst of a power blackout, your home is unaffected. You'll be able to run your appliances and stay comfortable. In more extreme situations, like emergencies, having solar power available to your home could even help you survive.

Environmental Benefits

And finally, of course, switching to solar is good for the environment. We are now, in fact, at a point where going solar should not be considered as an option, but as essential. According to the World Economic Forum (among other organisations), taking action right now is crucial.

If enough people switch to solar power, it will make a very big difference to the long-term sustainability of our planet, and will help to (over time) reverse a lot of the damage that has already been inflicted on the environment. It will take many years for the Earth to recover, but if we are sincere in our efforts, it can be done.

We are ready to help with your solar panel installation in Macarthur NSW

Inspire Energy has partnerships with industry leading manufacturers. This enables us to pass on significant savings and the best solar deals for our customers on top quality solar components. Quality is what it's all about when it comes to solar. This is definitely an industry where you need to know your stuff. Cheap, low quality panels, will actually end up costing you much more, because they will have so many problems.

The low quality panels tend to be inefficient, have too much bezel width, develop faults more easily, and sometimes just stop working altogether.

That's not a problem you'll have to worry about when you buy from Inspire Energy. We only deal with reputable manufacturers with a long history of rock solid warranty support. Our panels are manufactured for superior energy efficiency and reliable performance.

If you want the best deals on solar power system components, come to Inspire Energy because we are the experts on solar in New South Wales.

At this point you probably have plenty of questions, so get in touch because we've got the answers you need. Our technicians are highly experienced and have received the best training, so you can be sure you are getting top value when you buy your solar power system from us.