Solar Panel Installation Wollongong



Inspire Energy, accredited as Master Installers by the Smart Energy Council, can help you with that. We are able to ensure you get the best value on a new solar power system in Wollongong.

Getting better value doesn’t just mean a low price. That’s part of it, but you shouldn’t take a deal just because it is cheap. The reason is that a cheap deal may not be worth it in the long term, even if you save a bit of money up front.

If the panels you buy are not well made, if they develop faults (or simply are not engineered for optimal performance in the first place), and if they are not covered by a rock-solid warranty, then that “bargain” will soon cost you much more than you save.

Inspire Energy takes the guesswork out of investing in solar energy. We stock only the best brands of solar panels which are known for their high quality and reliability. Most importantly, and this is something you should always insist on with any solar panel purchase, these are covered by dependable warranties.

Solar technology is improving all the time, but it’s still possible sometimes for panels to develop faults for various reasons. Considering the cost of solar panels, it is good to know that if one of your panels ever does develop a fault, it can be repaired or replaced at no extra cost to you.